Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I’m sixty-four?

So if you’re new to this blog, my husband and I are trying to fill up our metaphoric gas tank by discussing online what is working and what isn’t in our relationship.  My husband–who as of yet remains nameless–stated in his first post that we got married 10 years ago here.  Well we’ve actually been married 11 years–please tell me this was a typo Dearest Husband!  Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised since he couldn’t accurately remember our son’s age the other day.  So I’ve decided not to take this personally.  But I do have a beef and if you haven’t guessed from the tittle, it’s all about growing older.  DH has some sort of stigma against growing older.  Maybe it’s all about him and the fact that his body is starting to creak.  It started several years ago with a comment about brand new crows feet I hadn’t even noticed I was getting.  Now  I get that I’m not getting any younger and I should stay active now while my body is still limber and pain free.  But there seems to be a constant commentary about how awful it is to grow older.  So I thought I would for the record make a list of reasons to actually look forward to aging.

  • If youth is a state of mind then the older you get and the longer you work on your shit the more youthful you become
  • It’s beautiful to watch bodies change and grow
  • Friendships and relationship deepen
  • So many amazing milestones for us to share with the kids
  • There might be a sports car in your future
  • We’ll have more time to stand up for what we believe in and do something important for society
  • Eventually the dog will die and we can go on more vacations
  • All the tiny reasons to say thank you will turn into a giant wellspring of gratitude
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3 Responses to Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I’m sixty-four?

  1. I LOVE the last one and of course that there might a sports car in the future;) Seriously, this is a great list and a lovely way to reverse the negative feelings and fear about getting older and embracing the wonderful things it can bring, like perspective of what it means to get older:)

  2. LA Juice says:

    You two are incredibly brave!! I look forward to reading your posts. As for getting older, the only thing I miss is the energy. I like the wrinkles I am earning (especially the one that creases between my eyebrows- that one says “I think!”) I also like looking like I am getting older in a town where everyone is terrified of it. P*8sies!

  3. LDiggitty says:

    Wow… I agree with Shannon – you guys are really brave! I’m glad you’re doing this, though; not only for the sake of your own marriage, but maybe I can learn something from you! My husband and I just got married last November, so we have no clue what we’re in for. It will be good to gain some perspective from you two!

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