The Husband’s intro

I was surprised to see that my wife had a psudonyme so readily at hand.  Why have I never met this Elisabeth?  I guess that honesty does require a bit of anonimity so what should I use?   I am torn between something simple like Sam which besides being short is also a bit gender innocuous (we can explore why that appeals to me later) or should I go with something odd, macho and cool, Naric? This indecision is one of my major flaws.  I often flounder in my head about making decisions, I am reluctant to devote myself to a single path.   I know some of you are now thinking, “Ah I get it now”.  That would be the easy answer, a guy unwilling to commit.  Yet that is not the whole story.  Actually I commit to stuff all the time.  Besides the fact that I actually got married 10 years ago, I have also gone back to school, moved up in my field, bought a house, etc.  I do spend quite a bit of time thinking and planning but this seems to keep me from merely being impulsive.

The fact is I actually do calculate the distance I can travel after the empty signal comes up.  I look at our site name as a metaphor for the state of our marriage.  We are still moving forward.  We know if we keep going with out a change we will end up stranded. We are in the car together, with kids I might add.  And we are not sure what is going to happen next.  I must say I am not afraid but I am a bit annoyed that I cannot calculate what comes next.

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  1. I’m hoping you’ll help me gain insight into my husband and his thought processes. Let’s go!

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